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Local people you might meet are:

Dee Kitchen, owner of the Ute Trail Motel. Jim Hildred, part time clerk

Annie is the owner of the Dairy Delight where you will find great burgers and ice cream.

Summer runs the Depot Restaurant. She has a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Glory Hole Restaurant

Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church

Canyon Motel

Visit them at
  • Canyon Motel

    Visit them at
  • Parshall Place
    Parshall Place | 7957 County Road 3 | Parshall, CO 80468 | 970-725-3220 | 970-531-7671 (cell) |
    Diane Hickman is the owner of a gift shop and candy shop.
    She has an EXTREME variety of candies as well as lip balm and other gifts.
    Visit her store or buy on line!
  • Rocky Mountain Hive

    Hot Sulphur Springs Spa and Resort.

    Visit them
  • Hot Sulphur Springs Web site

    Stage Coach Bed and Breakfast

    The Stagecoach Bed and Breakfast is CLOSED
    Riverside Hotel is CLOSED. Updated Jan 18, 2012.

    Aspen Mall is CLOSED and for sale

    Hot Sulphur Springs Library and the Hot Sulphur Springs Post Office

    Updated May 23, 2013
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